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Electrical, PTO, Hydraulic Pump, Parameter Logic, Programming and more

Disclaimer: Persons who perform further manufacturing operations on (modify) a Volvo vehicle are responsible for the vehicle’s continued and/or subsequent compliance with applicable regulations, must ensure that the vehicle as modified by them is safe to operate, and assume any liability related thereto. Volvo Trucks NA, Inc. cannot anticipate all of the possible modifications to a Volvo vehicle, know the ultimate configuration of every completed vehicle, and be aware of the intended function, operation and/or use of a completed vehicle. Regardless of assistance provided to subsequent manufacturers (others), Volvo Trucks NA, Inc. is not responsible for modifications made to a Volvo vehicle by others, nor the safe assembly and/or operation of any equipment installed on a Volvo vehicle by them, nor for injury or damage caused by such modification and/or equipment.

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