Volvo Genuine Engine Parts

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Volvo Genuine Engine Parts

Volvo Genuine offers a complete assortment of new engine parts to service all of the systems within your engine. Genuine cooling, exhaust, lubrication, and filtration parts are specifically crafted to keep your engine running and your truck moving forward.

Genuine Cooling

Genuine Radiators

Powerful, modern engines place high demands on cooling systems. The cooling system works to maintain the correct temperature of the engine for maximum power, low fuel consumption, and prevention of indirect wear on components. Because the system safeguards the engine and powertrain, the quality of the radiator will determine the maximum life of those critical areas. Volvo Genuine Radiators feature non-brazed, full laser-welded tubes designed and tested to withstand all applications and driving conditions.

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Genuine Charge Air Coolers

The charge air cooler, or intercooler, acts as the middle-man in the cooling package. It works to chill the forced air after passing through the turbocharger and before hitting the engine. This cool-down charge creates denser air combustion, allowing for more effective engine output and better fuel economy. Volvo Genuine Charge Air Coolers are designed to provide more fuel/air burn per engine cycle, increasing the output and performance of your engine.

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Genuine Expansion Tanks

The coolant expansion tank, or surge tank, serves as both the entry point and reservoir for the coolant. With coolant temperatures that fluctuate near 200 degrees Fahrenheit, the expansion tank provides a space for the pressurized air and liquid to expand and contract safely while supplying the engine and related components the critical elixir needed to keep your truck working. Anti-vibration Volvo Genuine Expansion Tanks are designed to withstand heavy duty and harsh operating conditions.

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Genuine Exhaust

Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)

The diesel particulate filter reduces certain substances in exhaust gases and soot particles. Volvo’s Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system is a superior solution to meet the EPA's emissions standards, not to mention a fuel- and cost-saving innovation for your fleet. When high-NOx/particulate exhaust flows from the engine to the diesel particulate filter, much of the exhaust’s particulate is removed.

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Genuine Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)

After the diesel particulate filter removes particles from your engine’s high-NOx/particulate exhaust, diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) is mixed in. Then, the DEF and catalytic converter change the harmful nitrogen oxides into harmless nitrogen and water vapor, and the truck’s NOx emissions register at near-zero levels. Volvo Genuine DEF allows the engine to use less exhaust gas recirculation and maintain higher oxygen levels for better combustion.

Genuine Lubrication

Volvo Premium Motor Oil

Our high-performance diesel engine oils are uniquely formulated with proprietary additive technology designed to provide optimum performance in Volvo engines while meeting or exceeding the requirements of all North American diesel engine manufacturers.


The Volvo Premium Motor Oil 10W-30 and 15W-40 formulations provide:

• 20% better wear protection

• 50% better oxidation resistance

• 80% better high temperature viscosity control

• Longer oil drain intervals in Volvo engines compared to “market general” VDS-4.5 compatible products


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Volvo I-Shift Transmission Fluid

Our Volvo I-Shift Transmission Fluid SAE 75W-80 viscosity grade is engineered specifically for Volvo I-Shift transmissions for lower operating costs and downtime.


Volvo I-Shift Transmission Fluid provides:

• Approval for up to 500,000 miles between changes

• Increased fuel economy with your transmission

• High thermal durability and oxidation resistance

Volvo Greases

Greases are mainly used for lubricating chassis points, including the fifth wheel. They consist of a solid or semi-solid lubricant that contains a thickening agent (soap), which is added to liquid base oil. The types of thickeners that are normally used are lithium or lithium complex soaps. Special greases, designed for extreme operations, are also available.

Volvo Gearbox Oils

Volvo transmission oils 97307 and 97315 are synthetic oil standards for the Volvo Group, both allowing extended drain intervals. Volvo lubricants such as gearbox oils are the best insurance for a long component lifetime in your truck.


Volvo Gearbox Oil Recommendations:

• 97315 is recommended for very severe applications

• 97315 is recommended in regions with high ambient temperatures

• Volvo transmission oil 97305 should be used with shorter drain intervals

Genuine Filtration

Volvo Air Filters

Volvo Genuine Air Filters clean your engine intake air efficiently, enhancing your engine’s durability. Air filter features include:


• Special filter paper

• Large paper area

• Fixed filter paper

• Fire resistance


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Volvo Cab Air Filters

Volvo Genuine Cab Air Filters clean the air before it enters your cabin. We supply the Outside Air Filter (or OSA Filter) and the Recirculation Filter (or REC Filter) for the Volvo FH, and we supply the OSA Filter for the Volvo FM and Volvo FH Classic. Cab air filter features include:


• Special filter paper

• Large paper area

• Correct fit

Volvo Cooling Fans

Volvo Genuine Cooling Fans drive air flow through the cooling package, working to keep the air temperature in your engine compartment at a desired level. Features:


• Adjustable airflow

• Optimized for Volvo cooling system

• Low idle speed when fan isn’t needed

• Robust testing of each fan installation

• Diagnostic function

• Fail safe mode

• Availability as a Volvo Exchange Part

Volvo Fuel FIlters

Volvo Genuine Fuel Filters keep injectors clean from particles, ensuring your engine gets the clean fuel it needs to reach optimal performance and efficiency. The Volvo fuel filter system contains one primary filter and one secondary filter, often known as the pre-filter and the main filter. Fuel filter features include:


• Flexible rubber seal

• Flexible adhesive joints

• Special filter paper

• Large paper area

• Sturdy sheet steel case

• Uniform folding


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Volvo Oil Filters

Volvo Genuine Oil Filters keep engine oil clean from particles and sludge to make sure your engine reaches peak performance and has a long lifetime. The Volvo oil filter system consists of two main filters and one fine filter, commonly referred to as the by-pass filter. Oil filter features include:


• Flexible rubber gasket

• Flexible adhesive joints

• Special filter paper

• Grip structure

• Sturdy sheet steel case

• Uniform folding


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Genuine Overhaul Program

Trust the folks who built your truck in the first place. Through a Volvo Genuine Overhaul, we revitalize your truck, bringing it back to peak performance and efficiency using only Volvo Genuine Parts.

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Material Safety Data Sheets

Our data sheets provide safety information about the chemicals your truck utilizes.

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