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Volvo Trucks Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find parts for my truck?
All parts for Volvo Trucks are sold through our Dealer Network. Dealer Locator links are available throughout the site or you can click here to find a dealer.
Can I purchase parts online?
Yes, you can purchase parts 24/7 through the SELECT Part Store. To gain access, you must first register with a participating dealer in your area.
I need a spec or build sheet on a truck. How do I find a build sheet?
To obtain a specification or build sheet on a Volvo truck you must contact a dealer. Speak with the Part Department and give them the VIN of the truck that you are inquiring about. They will be able to get the information for you.
I would like to purchase a new or used Volvo truck. What is the process?
We sell all of our new and used trucks through the Volvo Dealer Network. Dealer Locator links are available throughout the site or you can click here to find a dealer. You can also visit our Used Trucks Section to search our dealer used truck inventory across the US and also learn more about our Volvo Premium Certified Used Truck program.
I need financing for a Volvo truck or have questions about my current truck loan. Who do I contact?
We offer loans, leases, full service leases, and rentals. Working with your local dealership to find the best option for you, or contact Volvo Financial Services at 877.865.8623.
Where can I find a owner's manual for my Volvo truck?
Go to and search for Operator Manual. Print copies must be purchased, but most digital PDF versions can be downloaded for free.
I have questions regarding the warranty coverage on my Volvo truck.
Each Volvo dealership has a warranty processor who works with the Warranty Dept. at Volvo. They can answer your questions concerning the warranty coverage on a truck.
I have technical support questions and need help. Where can I get some help?
For technical support you should contact your local Volvo Trucks Dealer. There you'll find knowledgeable and trained resources who can help. We can't offer technical support over the phone from our corporate offices. Look in the Parts & Services section of our Volvo Trucks website. You can also get repair & service information at
Does Volvo give tours at its manufacturing facilities?
Contact the Volvo Trucks factory for more information. 540.674.4181